Letis orcynia DRUCE 1890
Subfamily: Calpinae
Tribe: Unassigned
Common Name: Marbled Witch
Letis orcynia
Distribution Map
Letis orcynia, Manu - Peru © Adrian Hoskins

The pictured Letis orcynia was found at an elevation of 1400m in Manu cloudforest. The wingspan of the genus is between 80-120mm.

Similar Species
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Other neotropical species in the Letis genus include:
L. alaudaL. albidentinaL. albifimbriaL. anthinea
L. arcanaL. arpiL. buteoL. caligula
L. claricostataL. dichroaL. doliarisL. hercyna
L. heriliaL. hypnoisL. iphianasseL. lignitis
L. maculicollisL. magnaL. melbaL. mineis
L. mycerinaL. neroL. nymphaloidesL. occidua
L. orcusL. scopsL. specularisL. tiasa
L. tuisanaL. vulturaL. xylia